Ending the Year

Today, the last day 2012, was a good one in my quilt world. I finished a Christmas wall hanging. Well, almost finished. I still have to stitch around the applique pieces and get it quilted and bound, but it’s almost finished. And, no, I didn’t intend to finish it for Christmas 2012, so I’m really ahead of the game for Christmas 2013. Can’t beat that for being proactive! So I wanted to share a photo of the almost finished project and also share my plans for 2013.

Christmas Twilling

Beginning the Year

Once again it’s time for a new beginning and maybe some resolutions that can be kept, for a change. Have you thought about yours? Mine would have to include the usual ones about weight loss, finishing some of those UFOs (unfinished objects) that seem to multiply instead of dwindling in number. So I’m faced with coming up with a plan to handle the UFO resolution. (I figure the weight loss discussion is best served in another venue.)

First thing I plan to do is make a list of the projects that must be completed in 2013 (with due dates).

Second, I will use my iPad app called “Errands” to set up repeating tasks so I don’t lose sight of the important ones. Being retired, finally, I can also designate a day of the week for certain projects so it will be easy to know, for instance, that each Wednesday I will be working on a pineapple quilt that must be completed and quilted in time for a quilt show in the fall. Two or three days of the week will have to be set aside for working on quilts on the longarm machine (mine and customer quilts as needed).

Third, I really have to come up with a Plan B because nothing ever happens like I plan it. Any suggestions?

So, here’s the short list of projects that have hard deadlines in 2013:
– Mini Mariner’s Compass (Late fall)
– Mini lover’s knot (Late fall)
– Pineapple quilt (September)
– Row quilt (piecing is done, needs quilting – September)
– 2011 BOM from The Quilt Show, needs quilting (September)

The complete list of UFOs is much, much longer and those are the ones that I tend to let get me distracted. (You’ll notice that the Christmas Twilling project is NOT among those I just stated as high priority. Sigh! And so it begins.) I sincerely hope that scheduling and having task reminders will help me to stay focused on what needs to get done while still leaving me enough “play time” to satisfy my extremely Gemini-influenced personality.

So, Happy New Year to you and yours and may all your UFOs be completed by the end of 2013.

Quilted Treasures

Quilted Treasures is the name of my little enterprise in which I design, create and quilt a variety of projects. I’ve been quilting since 2001, starting as many do by following a pattern exactly. These days I finds myself getting inspired by any number of quilt patterns or maybe even a manhole cover. From that inspirational moment, I may create a bed-sized quilt or wall hanging, using Electric Quilt 7.0 (EQ7) or just making it up as I go along. This is a list of some of the services I can provide for you:

~ Longarm quilting (pricing based on quilt size and level of custom quilting)

~ Hand-quilting (pricing based on quilt size and estimated hours)

~ Quilt making-start to finish

~ AccuQuilt Studio Fabric cutter- strips or appliqué diecut fabrics

~ Binding/hemming your quilts

Future blogs will explore these services in greater detail. Please provide feedback or add comments if you have specific questions.