After the Show. . .

The Friendship Quilters Quilt Show was a tremendous success on March 8. After setting everything up on Friday, we opened the show Saturday morning and welcomed more than 100 visitors in the first two hours! Over the course of the day, they just kept coming in although at a gradually slower pace. Final count on the guest book entries reflected more than 200 visitors, not including guild members and their spouses who were there to work at the show.

A little history might shed some light on why these numbers are so astonishing and wonderful, in my opinion. First, we hold our shows every other year. The first was in the fall 2009, and the next was in early November, 2011. In 2009, we had 156 visitors over the course of the two-day show. In 2011, that number was down significantly to 113, due in part to competition from other craft shows and, of course, college football. And I think the weather was cool and rainy, if I remember correctly.

We elected to push our show to early March in an attempt to increase show visitors. In addition, we decided to try showing on only one day rather than two. The numbers speak for themselves.  All guild members who commented agreed that one day was far better than two, for our group.

For my part as show coordinator, it is nice to sit back and reflect on the process, successes, and opportunities for improvement for the next show (2016). There is a lot of work in preparation for such an event, but I was blessed with some very hard-working committees. Additionally, two members were show coordinators-in-training and they shouldered a lot of the planning and preparation.

I was pleased also to have one of my quilts be selected as Viewers’ Choice from among some exceptionally beautiful quilts. The pattern is from as their Block of the Month from 2011. I used fabrics from my stash except for the light background fabric. This was a labor of love considering that if I didn’t love it, I never would have put in 450 hours or more to complete it. That project would have become a perpetual UFO if I hadn’t enjoyed making it."My Ruffled Roses"

Now that the show is completed and I can get back to my sewing room, I’m having a hard time trying to decide what to work on first. Nice problem to have, in my opinion.

And to anyone who is ever asked to coordinate a quilt show, consider accepting the challenge. Then contact me and I’ll be glad to share my stories and strategies.

Until my next blog post, take 15 minutes and do something quilt-y.