Janie Dearest – The Journey Continues

I am usually the worst at giving my quilts a name. Sometimes I am forced to work through this shortcoming in order to create a label for a show quilt. Other times, the project is a special gift (in which case, I default to “For ____ on your Wedding Day, birthday, Christmas, graduation, or whatever is appropriate).” So when a name for my Dear Jane quilt came to me, it just worked.

Yes, I call mine “Janie Dearest”. Remember “Mommie Dearest” about Joan Crawford? She was portrayed as an abusive parent, and who can forget the ‘no wire hangers’ scene? To be honest, it’s definitely not my favorite movie, but sometimes piecing the Dear Jane blocks feels a little abusive. At other times, a piece of cake. (Should I call it the Dear Jane Bake Shop instead?)

My choice of name remains “Janie Dearest” but more as a way of poking fun at some of the more difficult-to-piece blocks.

I am enjoying the process and have decided that this is my interpretation of Jane Stickle’s wonderful work and will use methods that work for me. The end product will still be beautiful and it won’t bother me if someone dons a Quilt Police cap to point out that I changed this or that seam or used fusible applique here and there.

OK, enough of that! I want to share my progress, too, in this post. When last I posted about this project, I had completed 68 of the 169 center blocks. This photo is from the Dear Jane© software that I use to track progress and print paper-piecing or applique elements. It uses Electric Quilt© technology, but is a stand-alone product.

09/2015 progress

As of February 2016, I have completed 92 center blocks. The green colored blocks in these photos indicate blocks that have been printed, ready for me to build.

02/2016 Progress

As part of a small group of Janiacs in my quilt guild, I am able to focus on this project at least once a month. If not for this dedicated day and the encouragement of other Janiacs, I might still have only 13 blocks done after having started this project six (?) years ago. From 13 to 92 blocks in just over a year (maybe two) is fantastic progress considering the other commitments that fill every day. Can you relate?

Until next time, take 15 minutes a day and do something quilt-y. Enjoy the journey!